Monday, August 20, 2018

Summer in my world.

If you live in or have visited West Hollywood over the past few months and stopped in for a bite at Guisado's on Santa Monica blvd. You no doubt have seen a few of my paintings.  I am the Featured Artist there through December.  I've been there since June so if you haven't made it there yet, there is still time. I've been rotating paintings on and off the wall so more of my works get a chance to be seen.

Check out the page about me on their website. [CLICK HERE]

The first to be displayed were "Sidewalk Sale" 36x48 oil on canvas, and "West Hollywood Daydream" 36x35 oil on canvas.

Me at Guisado's

Monday, March 5, 2018

What's New, What's Happening.

I've been very busy settling into the new place and yet, I still seem to find time to paint.  As always, I'm mainly drawn to faces and primary colors so I'm glad that West Hollywood provides a plethora of faces to paint.  So much so, I've started a new project that started out strong but now is moving along at a snails pace.  I decided (for some strange reason) to paint the West Hollywood city map/logo as portraits of the people who work and live here.

That's 38 portraits.  Each portrait is only 3.5 inches square, does that make it easier or harder?


City Logo/Map