Monday, March 5, 2018

What's New, What's Happening.

I've been very busy settling into the new place and yet, I still seem to find time to paint.  As always, I'm mainly drawn to faces and primary colors so I'm glad that West Hollywood provides a plethora of faces to paint.  So much so, I've started a new project that started out strong but now is moving along at a snails pace.  I decided (for some strange reason) to paint the West Hollywood city map/logo as portraits of the people who work and live here.

That's 38 portraits.  Each portrait is only 3.5 inches square, does that make it easier or harder?


City Logo/Map

38 portraits in progress
I am just now at the halfway point.  Here are a few of the portraits of the people I've encountered in my daily life here in WeHo. Each one is a work in progress as I add tiny details daily to each one.  I am positive that if you spend any time at all in West Hollywood, you will recognize some of these faces.

I just added this one this morning. There is a lot more details to add after the first drying day.

The project will hopefully be completed as a mock-up for a future full size installation using 24x24 canvas for each portrait.  Currently it is on a 36x48 canvas with each portrait only 3.5 inches square.

In the mean time I am still painting small rocks and hiding the free art around the city on my daily walks and errands.  Keep an eye out for them.  FREE ART!  Okay, the back of each one has a QR code that when scanned takes you to a "Congrats" page with info about the rock, me, my art, etc. This is my way of marketing myself.  Who doesn't love FREE ART!
An asst. of painted rocks.
I'm almost done with this, it just needs some gold leafing and varnish. It's 36x36, gallery wrapped, oil on canvas and as yet untitled.

This is a new one I started yesterday, just the color-blocking/first day, throw something on the canvas parts are started.  I can't wait to see where this one ends.  It's 36x48 and just absolutely fun so far.

Some day soon I'll be struck with the inspiration to finish the first painting I started in WeHo. This 36x36 oil on canvas tentatively titled "WeHo Daydreams"

I've completed these two and varnished them. They now hang in my living room while waiting on their new owner's to find them or until I find a venue to display them.
Me and "A Rebel at a Rave" 36x36 oil on canvas

me and "14" 36x36 oil on canvas

While I am building my inventory, I am also actively seeking venues to show and or sell my art.

Oh Yeah, I almost forgot. I was on The Price is Right.  Watch it and see how it went, episode airs May 10th.

As always, please feel free to reach out to me if you are interested in acquiring an original, or anything you see that has not made it to my web store yet.

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