Saturday, December 23, 2017

West Hollywood

Me with "A Rebel at a Rave"  36x36  Oil on canvas

I recently relocated to West Hollywood and I love it.

It does take some adjustments moving to WeHo from Napa.  West Hollywood is NOT Napa.

There, someone had to say it.

 While I am loving the vibrant and creative city that is West Hollywood, I do miss Napa.  Mainly I miss the wine and the food.  Gawd I really miss good cheese plates.  I order them at different restaurants around here and.... *sigh* , I miss Napa. (Any restaurant reading this is welcome to a free cheese board consultation, just putting that out there.  Having me as a regular has it's perks.)

Mmmm  cheese plate....  oh, where were we?   Oh yes, artist moves to WeHo.

Upon arrival at our new (as yet unseen) apartment I was worried that the reduction in space (sq.ft.) along with the noise and constant distraction of "shiny things in the neighborhood" would put a damper on my creativity, or at the very least my time devoted to creativity.


I have been living in a perfect storm of creativity and inspiration.  I am ecstatic that an art supply store is within a short walk from my front door.  I have been painting faster than I can keep up with supplies or drying time.  For some strange reason, the smaller space has started me painting larger pieces.  I just bought 3 48x48 canvases because I am on the last one of the 4 36x36 canvases I bought on the 1st of this month.
"14"  36x36  Oil on Canvas

"Happy Hour"  15x30  Oil on Canvas
Currently on my easel is this work in progress.
I am actively looking for an alternative art space to display or a gallery space in the area so I can make more room for the flow.

My love of gifting free art and my love of marketing made me find the time to start a painted rock FB group here too, although nobody has joined the FB group several people have tagged rocks they found on social media and I even found a re-hide of one of my own rocks.  Join in the fun at @wehorocks on FB and Instagram.
Tiny rock hidden outside of Skybar

A night at the Chapel, hidden at the Abbey

At the end of the day, I love it here and look forward to discovering all that my neighborhood has to offer, meeting new friends, and growing as an artist and a human.

I hope each of you have a Joyous Holiday Season!  As always, if you see something you like that hasn't made it's way to the shop yet, shoot me an email at shawnchristophermooney@gmail.



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